Inside the Teenage Brain

Moody, risk-taking, depressed, rude, impulsive, distant...however we think of adolescents, neuroscience is now coming up with reasons to explain their behavior by tracing it to the brain. Read on about teenagers' transition to adulthood, experiences of bullying, marijuana use, and disorders du jour.

Can Being Bullied Make You Sick?

By David Rettew M.D.

Chronic inflammation linked to bullying status

Young Adults Seeking Help

By Robert T Muller Ph.D.

When teens are faced with mental illness, who do they go to for help?

The Adolescent Brain

By Daniel R. Hawes Ph.D.

An awkward window of opportunity.

Marijuana Use Damages the Teenage Brain

By Guy Winch Ph.D.

Teenage brains are vulnerable to regular marijuana use.

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