Top Posts: June 2014

Here’s a sampling of the month's best, including bipolar emotions, learning from handshakes, the inconspicuous predator, the secrets we keep, and much more. Image: Shutterstock.

8. Can You Feel Two Emotions at Once?

By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D.

3. Risk and the Paranormal

By Susan Blackmore Ph.D.

4. Why We Keep Secrets From Our Partners

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

12. Baby Rituals

By Matthew J Rossano Ph.D.

5. Why Is Home More Stressful Than the Workplace?

By Ken Eisold Ph.D.

2. Three Key Signs of the Inconspicuous Predator

By Katherine Ramsland Ph.D.

6. When Parents Conflict Over Their Adolescent

By Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.

9. Cynical? You're Increasing Your Risk of Dementia

By Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

10. Graduating? Asking for Recommendations

By Nancy Darling Ph.D.

11. What the Amish Can Teach Us About Technology

By Karl Albrecht Ph.D.

7. Why Doctors Don’t Want Their Own Medicine

By Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel

13. The Happy Loner

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.

21. The "Why" Behind Teen Suicide

By Raychelle Cassada Lohmann MS, LPCS

14. When Mothers Don't Feel Motherly

By Stanton Peele Ph.D.

16. Is the Fault in Our Stars? The Psychology of Belief in Fate

By Peg Streep

17. Stalking Is Not Strength

By Lisa A. Phillips

25. Motivated Ambiguity: Is This a Date?

By Scott M. Stanley Ph.D.

18. Conversational Neurochemistry

By Judith E. Glaser

15. The Fundamental Attribution Error

By Mark Sherman Ph.D.

19. Can You Be Bimusical?

By Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis Ph.D.

22. Seven Myths About Mindfulness

By Toni Bernhard J.D.

20. Rage and the Problem of Male Sexual Privilege

By Galen Guengerich Ph.D.