I Hurt All Over

The stress of chronic pain is no small matter. It can take a psychological and physical toll. Here's how to manage it—for the long haul.

The Pleasant Truths About Pain

By Maia Szalavitz

Chronic pain makes life hell for some 30 million Americans. How to soothe the ache.

Are Opiates Safe for Addicts?

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

Pain medication can be addictive, so what are addicts with chronic pain to do?

Mindfulness: Potent Medicine

By Toni Bernhard J.D.

Mindfulness helps us respond skillfully to bodily pain and discomfort.

Diagnosis: My Genes Hurt

Are chromosomes to blame for chronic pain?

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Talking Away the Pain

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The Genetics of Pain Perception

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The Psychology Of Arthritis Pain

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Two Examples of How an Energy Psychology Treatment Can End Chronic Physical Pain

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The Evolutionary Significance of Chronic Pain: Survival of the Whiniest?

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