Beat Boredom!

Is it true that only boring people get bored? The feeling of boredom is truly personal: Some meditate enthusiastically for hours while others can't stand thirty seconds of sitting still; some are riveted at the opera while others' eyes glaze over. Pinpoint what bores you and see if you learn something new about yourself.

Six Tips for Coping with Boredom

By Gretchen Rubin

Learn to "re-frame" the moment!

Teen Boredom—Not a Trivial Emotion

By Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.

For the young adolescent, boredom can be a dangerous emotion.

Inoculate Against Boredom

By Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed.

The arts in school to prevent dropping out—physically or virtually.

7 Tips to Know If You're Boring Someone

By Gretchen Rubin

Don’t get me started on happiness...

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