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What Determines a Woman's Favorite Sex Positions?

Is it face-to-face contact—or does the position of her uterus matter more?

Some psychologists place a lot of significance on eye-to-eye contact, saying "the eyes are the messengers of the soul." So what happens if one woman's favorite intercourse position allows for eye-to-eye contact, but another woman's doesn't? Does this mean the woman who prefers face-to-face positions is more open to intimacy with her partner?

While psychology could be a factor in a woman's choice of intercourse positions, I think it has more to do with where nature placed the nerve bundles in her vagina and on how the structures in her pelvis are oriented, especially her clitoris and uterus. The shape of her partner's penis can also play a role.

Daerick Gross Sr./Guide To Getting It On
Source: Daerick Gross Sr./Guide To Getting It On

Consider a woman with a tipped or tilted uterus versus one whose uterus isn't tipped or tilted. (These terms are used interchangeably; they mean the same thing.)

A woman's uterus usually points toward her abdomen. But up to 30 percent of women have a uterus that’s tipped, which means it can point upwards or even toward her back. This is why a woman with a tipped uterus might experience period pain more as a back ache than as discomfort in her abdomen.

Most women go their entire lives unaware they have a tipped uterus—although a tipped uterus can impact the positions a woman prefers.

A woman with a tipped uterus is more likely to prefer positions where she is face to face with her partner. That's because rear entry or doggie style positions can feel painful, due to the way her uterus is positioned. The missionary position might be her favorite, or she may enjoy a woman-on-top position where she is facing forward, as opposed to a reverse cowgirl. This has little if anything to do with whether she craves eye-to-eye contact with her partner.

Variations in a woman's menstrual cycle can also impact the positions she prefers. The vagina is sensitive to estrogen levels, and these will change depending on where she is in her cycle. A woman's breasts can also become sore or more sensitive during certain times in her cycle. This could have an impact on the positions she prefers and the type of intercourse she wants to have.

There are other factors that play into a woman's sex position preferences, including whether she likes the feel of a partner's body on top of her, or if she finds it to be claustrophobic. But this, too, has little to do with whether she prefers eye-to-eye contact.

Rather than putting too much emphasis on eye-to-eye contact, I think a more important way to increase intimacy is for a woman and her partner to explore and discuss what positions work best for both of them. This is particularly important if a woman is with a new partner or isn't yet sure about the positions she prefers.

Unfortunately, this isn't something people will ever learn from porn, where every woman likes every position, and where all women like being flipped around like pancakes on a griddle.