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Do You Self-Reflect Before Creating Personal Resolutions?

Learn best practices to set yourself up for success in the New Year.

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Especially during the holiday season, many of us focus on our goals. We often develop resolutions and share them with others. But how do we determine which goals are right for us? And how might we ensure a higher likelihood of accomplishing those goals in the New Year?

Consider Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is a great way for us to recognize our areas of strength and our areas of opportunity. For the process to work, you must be honest with yourself. Take time to think critically about your shining moments and about those times for which you are not as proud. Consider what you’ve done right and what you’d like to change when placed in a similar situation in the future.

This honest self-talk is a great way to help us move to the next level.

Many of us resist self-reflection because it is tough to honestly appraise ourselves. We often create a false image of who we really are by pretending to be who we hope or want to be. When we truly self-reflect, we force ourselves to peel away the layers of superficiality and consider our own true, raw strengths and areas of opportunity.

How to Get Started

To get started with self-reflection, sit in a quiet space with a piece of paper and a pen. Use your smartphone or a timer to time yourself for 10 straight minutes. Spend those 10 minutes writing down anything that comes to your mind regarding your strengths and areas of opportunity. You may choose to self-reflect about your performance on a particular task or about why you are stuck, in general. Or you may opt to jump right into possible goals for the coming year. Don’t worry about phrasing (or even spelling!) at this stage. Just get your ideas on paper.

Remember: You can always edit what is on paper. The key is to put it there.

Some of us are afraid of what we might uncover during self-reflection. It can be uncomfortable and mentally and emotionally exhausting, especially if we are true to ourselves in the self-reflection process. But the beauty of self-reflection is that the end product reveals our true yearnings and our potential. We leave a session of self-reflection reinvigorated and physically and mentally prepared to take on a new challenge and to achieve a new goal.

As the New Year approaches, there is no better time to reflect on our lives and to take the necessary steps toward growth in the upcoming year. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and productive New Year!

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