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Suffer from Poor Time Management?

Try these easy tips to make your workday run smoother.

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Poor time management can cause us to feel especially stressed at work. When we are worried about missing an appointment or being late for work or school, we are more likely to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Stop making excuses. Rather, commit to yourself that you will be on time.

1. Leave 15 minutes earlier than needed to avoid traffic jams or other disturbances.

2. Take advantage of reminder alerts on your smartphone and online calendar. If you know that your lunch date may cause you to be late for your afternoon meeting, set an alarm on your smartphone 20 minutes before you have to leave. Then, that will give you enough time to wrap-up your conversation and still get to your appointment on time.

Take short breaks from email.

Constantly checking email can cause us to be stressed. We are so worried about responding quickly that we do so even during tight work deadlines. We might cut an important phone call short in order to quickly reply to a text or email, too.

Despite our best efforts to be constantly available, we inevitably drop the ball and fumble to stay on top of work-related deliverables. We make careless errors and feel that we are always two steps behind.

Unless your job requires it, consider checking email for 5 minutes at the end of every hour.

So, work for 55 minutes and then break to check your email. Doing so will allow you to be more productive. Block out 30 minutes at the start of the workday and 30 minutes at the end to review and respond to emails.

When you check-in for those five minutes, respond to urgent messages and save non-urgent responses for the 30-minute block later that day. Manage others' expectations by having an automatic reply that reads something like, “Thanks for your message. All emails will be returned by 6 p.m. All emails sent after work hours will be responded to by 10 a.m. the following workday.”

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