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Should You Relocate for Work?

Consider these points as you make your decision.

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Ever consider moving to a different state or country for your job? Think about these important points as you weigh your options.

Some pros of job relocation are that you get to try new experiences, live in a new city or country, and meet new people. Your expenses to move will likely be covered by the organization, and you may have the opportunity for a promotion due to the relocation.

Some cons of job relocation are that you are leaving your current home and local friends and/or relatives. You will need to pack up your belongings and settle in a new place and meet new people. You may feel lonely when you first relocate because you will need to jump into work before fully unpacking or getting settled in your new environment.

Rate your level of contentment and your need for adventure.

Do you like your current home, city, and friends? Are you near relatives or loved ones? Would you feel sad or lonely if you left your current city or environment? If so, then it might not be a good idea to relocate.

But, if you like to try new things and enjoy change, then relocating for a job is just another thing to cross off of your bucket list. If you get bored easily and enjoy traveling and meeting new people, then relocating may be a great option for you. You will meet new neighbors and have a new physical home. You will also meet new coworkers and clients, and have the opportunity to explore a new culture or locale.

Answer these questions to see if you are likely to enjoy and embrace the chance to relocate:

1. Do you like change?

2. Would an increase in pay or a chance for promotion make you more willing to relocate?

3. Would you be relocating to an area or city where you’ve always wanted to live *or* where you could tolerate in order to move forward with your company or career?

4. (If applicable) Is your spouse or loved one comfortable making such a move? Will it negatively impact his/her job or personal happiness?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then relocating might be something to seriously consider. If you answered “no” to certain questions, then consider why you answered “no” as you weigh your options.

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