Want Your Employees to Feel Valued?

Focus on the individual training needs and goals of each team member.

Posted Sep 21, 2018

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Those leaders who focus on employee productivity and employee retention don’t just provide a million training programs. Rather, they offer specific training opportunities to match the needs and wants of each employee.

Make Training Worthwhile

No one wants to sit in a training class that is not useful. But, if we are learning something that will make our job easier or that will help us in our career, then we are all ears.

I used to work in the training department for a large retailer. We had a set training budget, so we were both strategic and careful with the way that we used those funds. Our team would administer surveys to determine which training needs employees had, and then decide on the best medium for the training (whether it be computer-based, in-person, or a combination of the two). We had an online system that kept track of those specific training sessions that needed to be completed by each employee. This helped employees to stay on target and helped us to keep up with completion rates, too.

Think Offsite

While it is obviously important to provide skills-based training and training for diversity awareness and conflict resolution, some of the best training occurs offsite.

When it fits in the budget, I strongly encourage my clients to offer to pay for employees to attend professional conferences (whether they be local or out of state). Getting out of the office provides a change of pace for the employee. And, collaborating with peers within your industry can be quite powerful and invigorating. Most importantly, the message sent to the employee is that she matters enough that the company is willing to invest in providing knowledge that will remain with the employee long after she is with the company. That is powerful, and often helps to create a stronger sense of commitment to the organization.

When I worked for that retailer, I remember feeling so proud when I got to present at a professional conference. The company paid for my expenses and even gave me time during the workday to prepare my presentation. I gladly represented the organization and brought back many important ideas to help us to be an even more productive team. It was a win-win for everyone.

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