Do You Procrastinate?

Heed this advice to break your bad habit.

Posted Mar 07, 2018


It’s normal for us to procrastinate during certain times of the day or even when tackling certain projects. In fact, many people go through bouts of laziness just before a huge productivity streak. But, if you find that you are more likely to dawdle than to get your work done, read on for some tips and tricks to break this bad habit.

  1. Strive for excellence instead of perfection. No one is perfect. Even the best chef works tirelessly to “perfect” his greatest recipe. Still, that doesn’t mean that he stops preparing food in the meanwhile.
  2. Ask a trusted friend or colleague for insight. Sometimes, an outsider’s opinion can boost your confidence or help you to uncover the missing link that you need in order to successfully jump into a project.
  3. Commit to working on the project for four hours straight. Get the supplies that you need and set the timer. Don’t stop for any outside distractions. At the end of the time period, reevaluate. Answer the following questions: “Is this project feasible? Is this project worthwhile? Am I excited about this project?” If you answer yes to the questions, then you’ll be motivated to continue. If you answer “no” to the questions, then maybe it’s time to go back to your notebook to whip up your next idea.

Still need some incentive to push forward? Commit the following phrase to memory, and recite it throughout the day.

We can either learn to fail or fail to learn. Stop waiting for the perfect time or circumstances to start your project. Put your thoughts into action. You owe it to yourself to try. If your project is successful, fantastic! But, even if your project is a complete dud, you will learn what not to do the next time around.​