The Power of Mindfulness

How to regain balance and clarity in your life.

Posted Dec 09, 2017

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Sometimes, life’s daily stressors can make us feel completely out of sorts. Here are some easy mindfulness practices and techniques that you can utilize right away to regain balance. Please try these tips, and let me know how they work for you!

The 411 on Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of mind that allows us to think more clearly about our current situation. When we are mindful of ourselves and our surroundings, we focus on what is happening right at that very moment and accept things as they are, even if we do not like or agree with the event or circumstance.

Embrace and Move On

When we embrace what is, instead of what we hope it might be, we are then able to make thoughtful choices that help us to achieve our end goals. When we practice mindfulness at work, we spend less time dwelling on what is going wrong and more time living in the present and embracing the current situation (even if it is a stressful one). We can meet our goals and work-related objectives more easily, as well as forming healthy workplace relationships.

Practical Application at Work

Let’s imagine that we are in a team setting. We have a big impending deliverable, and a lot is riding on us meeting our deadline. Instead of yelling, pacing around the room, or stress eating, if we stop and embrace the moment (even the stress of it), then we can best come to a solution to meet our goals and work through any problems.

1. Take a deep breath, and feel the air going into and out of your nostrils.

2. Focus specifically on the task at hand, and stay in the present.

3. Listen to team members without thinking of your next response.  

4. Work together to assess the skills of respective team members, and allocate work accordingly.

5. Embrace and take ownership of the role that you play in reaching the final goal.

Hint: Listen carefully to what your boss or colleague is saying. Don’t just hear the words. Practice active listening, instead of thinking of your next retort.

Try these Tips Any Time of Day

Consider embracing these mindfulness practices: Take a deep breath to slow down and truly be present in that moment. Accept what you cannot change. Recognize that this is part of your journey, and commit to making the best choices to help you to embrace the good and the bad.

Commit to making each moment count. Remember that you can learn what to do or what not to do from any situation.

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