Rick Miller LICSW


Well Hung and Happy, Right?

The media is everywhere, even in your pants.

Posted Feb 05, 2015

Apparently men are likely to overestimate the size of their penis. Such a surprise! The average male penis according to The Journal of Sexual Medicine is 5.6 inches, whereas the Journal of Urology says it is 5.08. This is erect.

So much for the ultimate in masculinity. Having a big penis signifies power to most men, and desirability for gay men especially. The only way to make it bigger is to stretch the truth!

All of us fall prey to media hype, and gay men fall hard. We are bombarded by images of beauty and youth; all, of course, photo enhanced and edited. Still, the images are powerful – and  unattainable. The profile is fake, and so our expectations of ourselves with regard to appearance, including penis size, are inherently unrealistic.

Those who are self-conscious about penis size feel self-conscious about sexual encounters and thus may avoid them. They convince themselves that their penis should be their selling point, and in not measuring up, they feel insignificant.

The truth is that happiness is not located just below the belt.  Feeling truly content really rests in being connected, mindful, and appreciative of all your assets as well as the good qualities of others.  The false advertising of media has many of us chasing after shadows and suffering from ever-lower self-esteem and loneliness as a consequence. One way to stand up to the billion-dollar industry of fakery is to embrace reality.

Use your attributes and personality traits wisely. Others are drawn to you for a multitude of reasons, not just your looks.  Get to really know your great qualities and emphasize them; these are really your best features.  Instead of approaching life from a position of inferiority, hold your head high and enjoy who you are. This is itself is very appealing. Your natural sexiness has many reflections, let them shine, and others will respond.

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