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Stand Up to Lose Weight

Simply standing can help your health and weight loss efforts.

Posted May 24, 2013

More than once, I’ve reprinted my blog “Stand Up to Keep Weight Down”. I’m drawn to do so for two reasons. First, whenever I read more on the dangers—over-present for most of us—of too much sitting. Second, I like the idea that simply standing, or doing anything but sitting, benefits our health and weight. Thank goodness, I think, for those small gestures that build over time into a more solid foundation. What a relief, compared to effort, say, of getting a gym routine going, or tearing away from sugar cravings.

I offer here a number of links to inspire you stand up more. Just this!

You can read about the earliest research on “non-exercise” movement, or “incidental exercise” in that aforementioned blog. Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times summarizes that, and more recent studies in a 2012 article. Just this month, New Yorker writer Susan Orlean shares, somewhat humorously, her early adventures with a treadmill desk. Along the way, she offers a very clear scientific explanation of the sitting-weight gain link (even regular exercisers, you’ll see, need to sit less). Finally, there are lots of reasons to exercise beyond weight loss. And, in fact, it’s often easier to feel compelled to do so when not bogged down with the weight loss imperative. Another 2012 article details those benefits. And if you need a refrigerator chart to remind you of them, here’s one to print out!

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