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Welcome to the Age of Confusion

Existential confusion runs rampant in the US.

Daily mass shootings, all-too-frequent police shootings, an epidemic of affluent kids killing themselves, skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety treated with pills and myths about brain diseases, dramatic increases in working class white mortality rates due to drugs and suicide, a proto-fascist TV personality leading the GOP nomination field for months on endan President who has lost his voice, dramatic increases in global terrorism much of which has been spawned by an evil radical Islamic jihadist faction, overwhelmed and fragile college students, an emerging culture of victimhood enabled by misguided academic leftists giving rise to ridiculous demands, massively uncertain economic patterns, a crumbling national infrastructure, a deeply troubled educational system, deep-seated culture wars with  entrenched and diametrically opposed views on guns, God, abortion, climate change, inequality, and the role of government, a broken political system fueled by hyper-partisanship, gerrymandered districts, and a damaging 24/7 news cycle and social media sound bites.  

Age of confusion
Source: Age of confusion

Our time is more and more looking to be an age of turmoil, distrust, uncertainty and, perhaps, genuine breakdown. It is no surprise that more than two thirds believe we are headed in the wrong direction. Not since the 1960s have we seen so much political unrest, conflict and unpredictability. But the 60s were characterized by a radical shift in human rights and cultural norms such that it is clear especially with the benefit of history that those social forces and the upheaval associated with them moved us toward a more fair and just society.    

The unrest in our modern times has a decidedly different flavor. It is one of profound existential confusion. The worldviews and national identities that have defined us in the past are fraying. Some groups, especially those in rural areas and in the Bible belt, cling to their guns, their fundamental Christian values, loath Obama,, watch Fox News and rail on and on about the government and the damage that progressives are doing to the country. But the globalized nature of the world has revealed this perspective to be impossibly narrow and philosophically backward. Thus their “clinging” to their old ways is justified in the sense that their way of life is very much under attack, as the world inevitably becomes increasingly more secular, diverse, multicultural, and scientific. But as America has shifted more and more to the progressive view, massive problems are emerging. A postmodern world, where all beliefs and values are cherished except the idea that some beliefs and values are more apt than others is an impossible view to maintain. The absurdity of the hyper-progressive-postmodern left is currently on full display on many of our most elite universities.

So if the traditional Christian narratives are quaint, outdated and inconsistent with how we know the world actually works and if the progressive postmodern view is paralyzed because it cannot manage the truth of human hierarchy, then where does that leave us? Who is leading us into the next global age? Unfortunately, we have an absence of leaders who understand the current state of affairs and who know how to transform our age of confusion to an age of clarity and prosperity. They must emerge soon, as the horizon is looking ever darker.