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How Americans Really Feel about Solo Travel

A new survey explores who vacations alone—and why.

Posted Aug 08, 2017

Would you feel comfortable take a solo trip abroad? According to a new survey of 2,000 adults (commissioned by Intrepid Travel), about 40 percent of people say yes. And 55 percent agree that it’s more acceptable to travel solo now than it was a decade ago. That’s progress!

Andrea Bartz
Source: Andrea Bartz

I love traveling alone, and as I’ve written for Redbook, I came to enjoy it even more once I accepted that it’s totally okay to feel bored or lonely or frustrated at times when you’re on your solo-cation. So I laughed that a full third of survey respondents reported that they’re worried they’d get bored traveling alone. Yes, you will! And that’s okay! You’ll also get to challenge yourself—a benefit that 36 percent of people saw as the biggest perk of traveling with a party of one.

Here are a few other fun findings from the survey, which was conducted with market research firm OnePoll and released today:

  • 24 percent of people said they’ve been on vacation alone.
  • Half of respondents feel comfortable flying solo, while only 20 percent are happy to catch a train unaccompanied.
  • One-third feel confident navigating a busy international airport unaccompanied. (Hot tip: Info desks always speak English!)
  • 50 percent would be happy to drive abroad on their own, while 61 percent of people would feel fine driving through the States alone.
  • 36 percent of people don’t mind hanging out at a bar by themselves (key to meeting locals!), and 46 percent will happily go to a restaurant solo.

Below is an infographic showing some of the key findings. Do you ever travel alone? How do you fend off boredom or frustration?

Intrepid Travel
Source: Intrepid Travel