Satoshi Kanazawa

The Scientific Fundamentalist

Are Two Kid Air Traffic Controllers Worse Than One?

What would feminists say otherwise?

Posted Mar 04, 2010

JFK runwayToday it was revealed that there have been two, not just one, child air traffic controllers.

All the news stories seem to assume that it is worse that Glenn Duffy, the air traffic controller at the John F. Kennedy Airport, let two of his children speak to the pilots than had he only allowed one, as had been assumed was the case until yesterday.

Is it really worse to let two of his children play the role of junior air traffic controller than to let only one?  Can you imagine the feminist uproar that would have ensued had it later been revealed that Duffy had both a son and a daughter, yet only allowed his son to become a kid air traffic controller?  In addition to all the problems he may face from the FAA, Duffy would also have to contend with the charges of sexism and assuming that only boys could aspire to become air traffic controllers (never mind the fact that the vast majority of air traffic controllers are indeed men, for very good neurological reasons).  At least, Duffy’s actions were “gender neutral.”  He let both his son and daughter assume the role of junior air traffic controllers.

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