Why Is Health Care a Right?

What about a universal right to sex and reproduction?

Posted Dec 27, 2009

StethoscopeIn the partisan debate on the current health care reform in Congress, nobody on either side seems to question the underlying assumption that basic health care is a right, not a privilege.  But why is health care a right?

In a capitalist economy like the United States, everybody has to purchase everything they want and everybody gets what they paid for.  Nobody is entitled to anything, and nothing is a right.  Why should health and health care be different?

Health and health care can only prolong life and improve its quality.  But why is life important?  Why do we have to live (longer and better)?

Life – and everything in it – is a means to the ultimate goal of reproduction.  Life is important, and we have to live, only because we can’t reproduce if we are dead.  There is no other ultimate purpose to life.  Reproduction is the goal, and life and health are but means to it, yet we don’t have a universal right to reproduction.

In the United States, millions of people – mostly, young, poor men, the same people who don’t have health insurance or choose not to take advantage of the available health care – are left mateless, sexless, and childless, and are destined to die as total reproductive losers.  In every human society, there are more childless men than childless women.

How come nobody cares that millions of people in the United States fail to achieve the ultimate goal of all biological existence, the meaning of life itself?  Why isn’t it the government’s job to make sure that every American has sex regularly and frequently and produces children?  Why doesn’t the government import surplus women from Russia and Ukraine and distribute them at taxpayers’ expense to millions of young, poor men who can’t otherwise get laid?

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