Hitting the P-Spot

Prostate massage is fun and pleasurable.

Posted Oct 03, 2014

About a year ago, I was talking to a few sex experts who touted the sexual and sensual benefit of prostate massage. For many men, massaging the prostate is a real sexual turn-on that can make sexual climax more pleasurable. In fact, some refer to the prostate as the “p-spot.” (Get it? Male g-spot, y’all.)

The prostate is a small gland about the size of a walnut which is located in the middle of a man’s pelvis situated between the penis (in front), bladder (above) and rectum (behind). It can be indirectly accessed for means of sexual stimulation either through insertion of a finger in the anus or by massaging the perineum, the landing strip of skin located between the testicles and anus. It probably goes without saying that the prostate’s main physiological function is not sexual rather it surrounds the urethra (pee tube) and secretes seminal fluid which adds to semen during ejaculation.

When I searched the Internet for a how-to on prostate massage, I stumbled on a pretty good article written by Corey Silverberg at About.com. Some useful pointers: make sure to trim your nails, use lube, and consider augmenting the experience with vibrators and butt plugs. Furthermore, be careful if your prostate is enlarged, as the practice may cause pain.

So if massaging the prostate is so pleasurable, how come I never learned about it in sex ed? How come with the exception of Californication—which covers nearly every sexual proclivity imaginable—I don’t hear about it on television shows and in the movies? How come so few people talk about prostate massage in casual conversation? Honestly, I wish I would have learned about prostate massage earlier ...

So, what are your thoughts on prostate massage?

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