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Say "Thank You" To Those Who Push Our Buttons

Say "thank you" to those who push our buttons? Really?

Posted Jul 15, 2014

Recognize the past in the present: A triggering experience draws you back into your past of old unhealed feelings. If you take some time to reflect on those past events from your current perspective, it can help you understand what was happening then and why it may still be affecting you now.

Tune in: Become familiar with your emotional triggers and your body’s physical responses. It could be a faster heart rhythm, tense muscles, or an upset stomach. Staying tuned in—knowing what’s happening will help you feel in control.

Have a choice: As we’ve discussed, our brains are wired to respond immediately, but we still have choices. Whether and how to engage is entirely up to you, with practice, you can teach yourself to slow down your reaction time, giving yourself more room to make the best decision.

Remember that life Is a test: We are constantly being tested by trying circumstances and difficult people and problems not necessarily of our own making. Our mission is to work on forgiving ourselves and others, because life has a way of constantly testing us, teaching us, encouraging us to evolve and develop.

We all experience circumstances that push our buttons and trigger our feelings. But if we can turn those events into opportunities for growth and development, they can actually be helpful to us.

Life gives us all the kinds of opportunity to be better, know better, and think better. Our toughest challenges are also our greatest opportunities, so lets look beyond our immediate feelings and learn to be thankful to those who push our buttons, because they are handing us an opportunity for improvement.

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