Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Christine Louise Hohlbaum

The Power of Slow

Digital Addiction Revisited

The Internet as the platform for counterculture.

Posted Mar 22, 2011

A while ago I wrote about digital addiction, which can be an accute problem for some people. It's beyond an occasional iPhone fondle or laptop liaison. Digital addiction is real.

The Internet itself is an addictive force. What starts out as a pleasant dopamine squirt, turns into a driving need for more positive digital experience. Recognizing the need to limit users' time on the Internet, even GoogleChrome is getting in on the act by creating toolbars courtesy of Quickrr to cap the amount of time we spend on pre-determined URLs (any Angry Bird fans out there?). It seems odd to mention Quickrr on a blog about slow, but in this case, quick(rr) is slow!

Digging around for someone to shed some new light on a rather old problem of addiction, I came across JZ Knight.

JZ offers a refreshing perspective on our self-flagalation (I must close Facebook; I must stop tweeting!). She doesn't think Internet addiction is the real issue. She says the Internet itself is the platform for a countercultural shift in thinking.

JZ Knight ( is a leading self-help and spiritual expert who has become a respected advocate for self-empowerment, helping thousands worldwide to overcome trauma, depression, and addiction and to accomplish extraordinary feats while reaching high levels of success. She has worked with people from all walks of life and has offered guidance to such notable personalities as Salma Hayek, Shirley MacLaine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Linda Evans.  She's also appeared on The Larry King Show and MSNBC.

And today, she appears on The Power of Slow on Psychology Today for you, dear readers.

Please listen to my chat with JZ Knight about the Internet, consciousness and the future of virtual living. And yes, the irony of having to use the Internet to access this, cough, digital recording has not escaped me!


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