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Why Thursday Is the Best Day of the Week for Sex

Which day of the week is best for having sex, sending emails and staying sober?

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd bring on some interesting time-based research that involves, among other things, the area of romantic love.

If you believe what you read in the paper (and several sources cite these studies) it has been found that:

Mondays are the best days to de-stress. According to the British Medical Journal, the likelihood of having a heart attack increases by 20% on Monday due to binge drinking and the stress of returning to work.

Power of Slow tip: If you don't love what you do, love the ones you're with. According to a German workplace study, 96% of survey respondents said the work climate was very important, compared to only 78% who said they valued adequate pay.

Tuesdays are the day to get things done. According to a Gallup poll of UK executives, they prefer Tuesdays as their most productive day. According to a health survey from market research company GfK NOP, Tuesday is also the day that those polled had the least amount of sex.

Power of Slow tip: Go to bed early on Tuesdays and really get some shut-eye!

Wednesdays are supposed to be the best days to approach the boss for a raise, according the another UK poll. They aren't thinking about their weekend yet and have already waded through their emails that had piled up over the previous one. It's also supposed to be a good day for singletons to have their first date.

Power of Slow tip: Go for what you want on Wednesdays!

Thursday is....drum roll....the best day to have sex, according to a London School of Economics' report. Why? It's all about synchronized hormone levels between man and woman. How your body is supposed to know what day it is is beyond me.

Power of Slow tip: You have an internal clock that is roughly 24 hours a day. It's embedded in your system on a cellular level. Even algae carries around the same inner ticker, according to university research from Cambridge and Edinburgh. Set yours a little earlier on Thursday mornings when estrogen and testosterone levels are nearly five times what they are at other times.

Fridays are good for quitting smoking, US researchers say. Twenty-Four Hour Society author Martin Moore-Ede says they aren't good for making major life decisions (except, perhaps smoking cessation) as we're tired out by week's end.

Power of Slow tip: Slide into Saturday without making too many decisions. Look forward to your time of rest.

Saturdays witness too much alcohol abuse (hospital admissions rise 70% due to patients' overindulgence).

Power of Slow tip: Stay sober on Saturdays.

Sundays are best for sending personal emails. According to web research company eMarketer, the open and click rates are higher on Sundays than any other day.

Power of Slow tip: Set your email marketing campaign to arrive on Sundays; but do it on Tuesdays, when you're most productive!

Source: The Sun