Clearing the Space for What Dreams May Come

Dreams can only live if they have the space to breathe.

Posted Oct 12, 2010

As human beings, we are capable of immeasurable expansion. Our curious minds, when unclogged, can create limitless ideas to change the world. But to engage in such thoughts, we must first clear the space in our minds to do so.

Space clearing is a powerful, yet simple tool to remove blocked energies in our minds. It requires letting go of that which no longer serves us. But first, we have to identify what those things are.

In my case, it was my mommy blog, which has suffered greatly for the last eighteen months as my attention has been elsewhere. As many of you know, a blog is easy enough to start, but to maintain it takes great effort. After six years, I finally let go of the blog that had meant so much to me, once upon a time. It had limped on for some time, leaving a hole in my heart where creativity could have resided. Instead, I entertained feelings of remorse, regret and apology, as if I owed the world something better than what I had to give it through that medium.

Yet the strangest thing occurred the moment I hit the delete button (after, of course, exporting all the posts so I have record of those years). I shed a single tear of farewell, then set about cleaning up other spaces in my world that had experienced equal neglect: my desk, my finances, my house. Having experienced the delightful levity of a space ‘gone clear,' I didn't stop there. I began pondering how I might move to that elusive ‘next level' in life. The steps emerged automatically.

1) Identify what is stopping you. Is it that half-dead project you need to cut off like driftwood?

2) Take action to remove the detritus. Perhaps you've harbored a secret desire that was trapped because of the stuff around you. Give it air to breathe.

3) Allow things to unfold. Our society honors the ‘go-getter,' the ‘pusher', the ‘doer'. What if you were to clear out the space, then spend time just listening deeply to what your inner guidance system tells you? How would that feel?

4) Record what your inner guidance system is telling you.

Take your dreams seriously so they have room to grow. It is only then that they can come true.