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Matthew J. Edlund M.D.

The World Sociopath Olympics

It's time for the Madoff Prize

The Winners Are...

We have the Oscars. There’s the World Cup, the World Series, the Super Bowl. But despite their increasingly important role in our lives, sociopaths lack sufficient recognition.

In a competitive world where achievement is readily celebrated, sociopaths need their own public competition. Now is the time for the Madoff Prize.

And not just for simple financial malfeasance. The amoral, charismatic, narcissistic leader of today is increasingly prominent - from politics to finance to sports and the art world. Though estimates are that only 3-4% of Americans are “true” sociopaths, sociopathic behavior now occurs routinely in all walks of life..

We need to fully recognize these people.

Think Bernie Madoff. Lance Armstrong. And perhaps most notable of all, Vladimir Putin, a true global leader in sociopathic brinkmanship.

Putin’s career shows how the today’s sociopath can not just move up the ladder, but remake the ladder. In many international polls, he is considered the most powerful man in the world – invading neighboring countries, blowing up airliners, bombing in the Middle East.

His career is instructive. A former KGB colonel who put in his lot with so -called political reformers, he appeared sidelined in the 1990s. But in a bold move of breathtaking sociopathic daring, he took power after a series of terrorist attacks that killed 300 Russians. Though blamed on Chechen terrorists, the evidence has increasingly pointed towards Putin and friends in the security services as the real "terrorists" who blew up apartment buildings filled with women and children. Those who have reported the crime – like Alexander Litvinenko, slowly and painfully dying from radiation poisoning – have been systematically murdered, along with many others. And like other highly successful sociopaths, Putin has shown again and again his ability to convince others of his good intentions. Consider President George W. Bush: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy… I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.” Since that time Putin has invaded Georgia and Ukraine, annexed Crimea, had his henchman blow up Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the Ukraine – and threatened NATO with nuclear weapons. Better yet, in the best sociopathic tradition, Putin blames every foul or evil deed on his victims!

Some might think his masterful lying would make Putin a shoo-in as this year’s foremost sociopath - international leader category.

But as the Sociopath Olympics will demonstrate, he’s got formidable competition. Just take one of his clients – Bashar Assad. Assad rains down barrel bombs – filled with nails and ball bearings – on hospitals and schools. One goal – permanently maim so many children and other that their relatives will spend all their lives taking care of them – and not possess any energy chance to oppose him. And that doesn’t even begin to include what Congress saw – 55,000 photographs of 11,000 tortured, strangled, starved and finally murdered opponents, classified through name and number – and all that from just one photographer! As people should quickly recognize with the SO, when it comes to sociopathy, the sky’s the limit.

How It Works

The Sociopath Olympics will be an inspired, worldwide media event. The judges will be among the best known sociopaths of our times – Bernie Madoff, Lance Armstrong and others.

But famous, recognized sociopaths’ votes will count for 49%. Over half the votes will go to the public, through social media and connected television – with the voting guarded and checked by Anonymous, the global hacker collective. Sociopath “advocates” – including famous celebrities – will tell with the gusto the stories of the nominees, illustrating the brazenness, the pluck, their outrageous and audacious actions. The world will watch breathlessly, learning of toothless psychics bilking elderly folks out of their last dime; of the smallest of small town mayors obtaining fabulous wealth manipulating massive payoffs from public employees and contractors alike; of art dealers selling fake paintings for tens of millions mocked up the previous week in a Queens garage. Media moguls including Rupert Murdoch – as owner of newspapers withholding the payphones of murdered young girls, a future contender himself – will fight for the rights to broadcast who wins in multiple categories:

National and International Financial Crime

International, National, Regional and Local Political Crime

International, National and Regional Cultural Sociopathy – think of all those social media "stars" getting money for their nonexistent cancers and dying relatives.

Perhaps best of all, the SO can start to solve the problem of doping and external enhancement in sports.

The World Sociopath Sports Olympics

Here again, Russia is an international leader. Just as in Soviet days, drugs, blood, hormones and bribery have been used by Russian athletes so frequently international bodies are now considering banning thousands of Russian athletes from world events.

So it is only right that the Russians should host the first Sociopath Sports Olympics – where nothing is barred!

In the Sociopath Sports Olympics, there will be no testing, no fines, no medical oversight. Genetic engineering and drugs of all kinds – even those presently unknown to science – will all be allowed.

These athletes want to win. They want to be the best. And if they die trying, they will have done their utmost to reach their ultimate potential.

Best of all, just as in soccer and ice skating, bribing officials and referees will be allowed – making the contests a true test of sociopathic intent.

In order to provide the best shot at competition, the first Sociopath Sports Olympics will be hold in Moldova – a failing, corrupt state strongly influenced by Russia. In Moldova athletes will be able to strut their stuff, safe from the depredations of terrorists – and in an atmosphere where sociopathy is traditional and cultivated.

For too long sociopaths in all walks of life have labored in obscurity. The Sociopath Olympics will give them a chance to shine – and the rest of us the opportunity to see how greatly their remarkable talents have marked our lives.


About the Author

Matthew Edlund, M.D., researches rest, sleep, performance, and public health. He is the author of Healthy Without Health Insurance and The Power of Rest.