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Screw Finding Your Passion

Unlock your passion and you'll live your whole life with passion.

It's time to debunk the myth that in order to live a fulfilling life you need to find and follow your one and only passion. This is an incredibly limiting approach and one that can lead to immense amounts of procrastination and frustration (as I highlighted in my earlier post on Why Following Your Passion Doesn't Lead to Happiness). Based on the latest research in positive psychology, I want to offer an alternative approach which is about finding love in what you do rather than chasing what you love.

There are five keys which unlock your positive passion energy in a way that helps you remain passionate throughout your life. Rather than limiting this positive energy towards one activity, you can choose to bring it out throughout the different activities you do. Living your whole life with passion leads to a whole newfound sense of freedom, energy and fulfilment because you allow yourself to create positive, meaningful connections to everything you do.

You might argue back that you hate what you do and that you have no interest in being passionate about your work. That's entirely your choice, but acknowledge that it's a choice that will waste your energy and drain the positivity out of you across your life. As humans we are one entity and trying to separate work from life is virtually impossible. What happens at work affects our life and what happens in life affects our work. Hence, the more you're able to create a meaningful, positive connection to your work, the more meaningful and positive your overall life will be.

You might also argue that you want to find the one thing that you love and build your whole life around it. That's ok as long as you're realistic about the pursuit and still take the five passion keys I'm recommending with you. As humans we are dynamic individuals and tying ourselves to 'one passion' as a lifelong pursuit can lead to an obsessive, narrow minded chase that in fact prevents our fulfilment and even stops us from enjoying this 'one passion'. Based on the latest research on passion, I'm recommending you to reposition the idea of passion as something more all-encompassing, and the five keys that I share in my just released book teaches you how to do exactly that.

The five keys which unlock your positive passion energy shine light on how to be your authentic self and how that lights up the passion within you. They illustrate how creating meaningful connections with the activities in your life enables you to embrace this all-encompassing passion. They also talk about how aiming for mastery by committing to life-long daily learning keeps that passion excitement alive, and how connecting with your tribe is one of drivers of your positive passion energy. Last but not least, the fifth key is about acknowledging your natural abilities and putting them to use in different ways so that a sense of adventure keeps your passion energy high.

This is your opportunity for you to take control of your happiness and fulfilment by choosing to live your whole life with passion. This is your opportunity to stop chasing what you love and instead find love in what you do.

Screw Finding Your Passion: It's Within You, Let's Unlock It is now available on Amazon for purchase. The exercises in each of the five passion keys in the book give you the tools you need to create your unique action plan so you can start living your best, most passionate life today.