Top Pacific Heart Stories of 2011-2012

Top Pacific Heart blog posts of the last year.

Posted Mar 02, 2012

March 1, 2012

I started my blog on March 1, 2011. Thanks to everyone who has visited over the last year.

The five entries that got the most page views in the last year were:

1. Casual Sex: A Psychiatrist Responds.  I had a strong reaction to a therapist advocating for casual sex. I thought a better approach would be to understand the person and how sex fit into their lives. I also thought Siegel made too much of the positives, and short-shrifted the negative and potentially harmful aspects of casual sex. The bottom line is that obviously a lot of people (uhh, like everyone) are interested in sex and trying to figure it out for themselves. And no one seems to like anyone proposing what they should or shouldn't do in their sex lives.

2. Hot Tips for Relationship Success.  Based on the work of John and Julie Gottman.

3. Hot Tips for Relationship Success, part 2.  Based on the work of Seymour Boorstein, my mentor when I was a resident.

4. Psychology of a Murderer: The Story of Andrew Suh.  Informed by an outstanding documentary about Andrew Suh.

5. Six Keys to Happiness.  Based on my own musings about what leads to happiness.

Outside of these five, my favorite articles were:

1. There Are Only LINks in Our Armor.  One of my posts about Jeremy Lin—remarking on the unacceptability of slurs, and giving insight to what stereotypes and humor tell us about each other. This became my first "Essential Read." I've written three blog posts about Jeremy Lin so far—and these are all current "favorites" of mine. Jeremy Lin is so Hawt.

2. Valentine's Day, Lovingkindness and Cambodian Trauma. I work with Cambodian patients, refugees of the Pol Pot genocide. This blog post is about my work with them, and creating a "holding environment" for my own emotions and theirs through lovingkindness.

3. A Possible Cure for Pornography Addiction, in an Essay.  A review of David Mura's outstanding essay and how it might be used to understand and help people with pornography and sexual addictions.

4. Battle Hymn of the Teddy Bear Psychiatrist.  My response to Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

5. 9-11: A 10 year-old child of the very old family of violence.  Maybe people were saturated with 9-11 coverage. This post got very few page views, but I like it very much.

And the latest breaking blog post that actually was a part of important change in corporate culture - this blog post about racism at work at Ben and Jerry's. This triggered several angry comments, but a lot of "likes" on Facebook. Bottom line: Ben and Jerry's apologized two days after the story broke. Our voices make a difference.

I enjoy writing, and I like each one of my blog posts—I'm happy to have such a wonderful forum, and will strive to bring more "Pacific Heart" and more "Psychiatry, Spirituality and Culture" to the next year of writing. Thanks to my PT Editors and fellow bloggers! This is really a great community of individuals. I hope our efforts will further fuel psychological growth, awareness and awakening in the world.

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