5 Emotional Needs Every Couple Needs to Know

A short guide to a better relationship

Posted Mar 04, 2019

Every relationship is different. But there are some fundamental emotional needs that all humans share in common, needs that must be met in order to feel fulfilled by a romantic partner. Here are five emotional needs that couples should be aware of, and work to accomplish for each other.

1) The need to be heard

To feel appreciated and important to your partner, you need to feel heard. Obviously you don’t need to need to agree with everything your partner says, but you do have to listen. And you do have to respect his or her opinion. This means actively listening to your partner, reflecting on what you’ve heard, and implementing a solution or using this information constructively in the relationship going forward.

2) The need to belong and feel accepted

Each partner needs to feel like they are accepted by their partner for who they are, regardless of flaws, imperfections, or insecurities. Members of a couple should feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Each partner needs to feel at home in their relationship, and comfortable enough to share what they think and feel, without judgment or rejection.

3) The need for safety/trust

Similarly, each partner needs to feel that they can trust the person they are romantically involved in, and that they are safe in their relationship. This can mean many things to every person, but might involve feeling secure in your relationship, safe to share whatever you please, including all thoughts and feelings. We all know that trust is essential to any relationship, romantic or otherwise; therefore, each member of a couple needs to be secure in their faith in and trust that the other will protect them, and make them feel loved.

4) The need to be valued and prioritized

It is of the utmost importance for any individual to feel that they are important to their partner, and that they come before other people, other commitments, and other aspects of their partner’s life, within reason. This is not to say that an individual should not have a sense of independence, or friends, or a life outside of their relationship, but each partner should feel valued by the other, and know that if they need the other, they will be prioritized.

5) The need to feel desired

Finally, it is important for the members of romantic couples to feel desired by their partner, or to feel a level of intimacy with their partner. This does not necessarily have to involve sex. Intimacy can simply mean closeness, or closeness in a private way. Something as small as a hug or kiss can be intimate, or even a glance shared across a crowded room. It is an important part of any healthy relationship for a partner to feel desired on an intimate level.

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