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An Animated Video About Addiction

About being stuck and changing

Posted Apr 08, 2015

Sometimes the best way to express a thing is to draw it.

Attached is an animated video I made about addiction—about being stuck and changing.

Click here to see the video.

ilana simons
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There are six parts, briefly restated in bulletpoints here, but best viewed to the music and outrageous dancing in the video.

1. Count your drinks.

The addicted head does mystical calculations in justifying the slugs it takes from the bottle.  Best to hold to the math, e.g. to “two drinks.”

2. Change your environment to change your habits.

When they say “people, places, and things,” they say a powerful thing.  If you change where you are and what you do, you’ll likely change how you walk and think.

3. Juggle multiple selves.

Change is disorienting.  Try not to beat up or obliterate old selves while the new one is being born.

4. Avoid idealistic expectations for your radical inventions.

Getting drunk won’t make you utterly more social or witty.

5. Indulge in other things.

Addiction is often a response to boredom.  Fuel the soul on alternative indulgences like long naps and cake.

6. Deal with anger.

Be conscious of anger.  Hold it.  You cannot kill it, but you can handle it like you handle a tiger.

7. Tailor your own steps to change.