A Simple Meditation Technique

For mental tranquility and clarity

Posted Nov 28, 2011

People can practice a simple meditation technique known as the wisdom-lotus Qigong method to reach mental tranquility and clarity. I have practiced it for 15 years since I learned it from a Buddhist monk. Derived from a branch of Chinese Buddhism, it is a relaxation and visualization technique that shares a similar principle with traditional Chinese medicine about healing. The method recognizes that the connection between the internal system (body and mind) and the external system (universe) leads to well-being and healing, whereas pain manifests the internal and external disconnections. The meditation technique is intended to create the connection and eliminate the disconnections.

The following selected exercises of wisdom-lotus Qigong represent one method to calm the mind. This technique can be practiced either indoors or outdoors, in standing or sitting positions. The process may take 15 minutes or longer, depending upon the need of the individual.*

1. Imagine that the Sun moves from a distance to you and then encases you; feel the warmth and brightness for one minute.

2. Imagine that the Sun shrinks to the size of a golf ball inside your belly area behind your navel; it still has warmth and brightness; let it stay there for 1 to 3 minutes.

3. Visualize a giant shining lotus (any color) that travels from a distance to you; you sit on the lotus; feel the light in the bright ball inside your belly coming out from all directions and connecting with the petals of the lotus; internally focus on the scene for 1 to 3 minutes.

4. Visually shrink the lotus to the size of a golf ball and mentally put it inside your belly behind the navel area.

5. Move the lotus in a circle from the center of the belly to the outside (counterclockwise seven or nine times and then clockwise seven or nine times); when moving the lotus counterclockwise, the circles become bigger each time; when moving the lotus clockwise, the circles become smaller each time until the lotus returns to the original location.

6. Focus on the lotus inside your belly for 1 to 3 minutes and then finish.

*Note that this practice may not be suitable for people with psychotic symptoms.