Stay Tuned for the Rainbow

Good can also fall from heaven.

Posted May 09, 2014

Around the time that an apple revealed gravity to Newton, he also came to the realization about how a rainbow works.

Most of us never even stop to think about what makes a rainbow, well, a rainbow. A few of us see it as God’s promise to Noah that He would not bring another flood to destroy the world. Thank you, God.

But here’s the short course on rainbows. 

The sun’s light is multi-colored but the colors are outside the capacity of our vision.

When you hold up a prism to sunlight, the prism allows us to see the colors.

What Newton brought to light is this: Raindrops can operate as a prism and the sun’s light through rain’s prism brings us what we know as a rainbow.

The pot of gold under this insight on rainbows affords us the following:

1) There are many things we can’t see but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

2) There are many things wonderful in life that only lack interpretation.

3) When life is raining on you, stay tuned for the rainbow.

Like a rainbow of colors, life is a full spectrum of experiences. And if we don’t know we’re standing under a rainbow or are blinded by the mono-light we have come to know as our only truth then the next time rain drops on our head, we will miss the discoveries that fall on all of us.

Noah benShea

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