"It'll Be Fun!" and Other Extrovert Lies

Some things extroverts insist we'll enjoy. We don't.

Posted Jan 12, 2010

As introverts in an extroverted world, we frequently must justify our reluctance to participate in activities that make extroverts giddy with delight. They can't believe that things that make them tingle either leave us cold or fill us with horror. They assure us that really, if we just get over ourselves and try, we'll have a grand time.

One of my most extroverted Facebook friends (his busy, busy status lines exhaust me) once posted a gripey status line about audience members at a show who did not get up and dance at the end, as instructed: "...if you are dead inside and incapable of having fun, stay home. you're ruining the impromptu dance party!" he wrote. Wow. I kept my mouth shut because I generally like this guy but ... wow. Ruining it? How so? Did someone try to stop him from dancing? Dead inside? Isn't that a little harsh? Can't we just say different strokes for different folks?

Introverts and extroverts have different ideas of fun, but some extroverts refuse to allow us our preference. "It'll be fun!" they insist, as they try to drag us bodily from our very comfortable seat in the corner to join them in some horrific activity such as:

Karaoke: I don't mind watching other people do it, but step up there myself? Uh-uh. That's for extroverted exhibitionists.

Audience participation: Nothing fills me with terror like being stuck in a seat near the front when a performer starts scanning the audience for a volunteer. I try to emit protective death rays.

Costume parties: I don't like being around adults in costume because they tend to lose their inhibitions and I'm a big fan of inhibitions.

Skinny-dipping: See above, re: inhibitions. Maybe alone. Or alone with a significant other. But in a big, happy skinny-dipping party? I'll be hiding in the bathroom.

Practical jokes: Hahaha. Now go away and leave me alone. (I can't even watch shows like Punk'd and Candid Camera.)

Those are just a few of mine. Got any of your own?

(The disclaimer: You might like these things. You are free to disagree with me. And I am not saying that extroverts are literally liars. They're just clueless and we have to cut them slack. Bless their hearts, they don't know any better.)


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