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Posted Dec 30, 2009

It's time for the 2009 wrap-up and a look ahead to the new year.

First of all, heartfelt thanks to all of you who not only come and read, but also share your own experiences and strategies. That's what makes this blog really hum.

One thing I'm discovering about introverts is that we not only are legion, but we also are hungry to have our experience of the world validated, explained, understood, and respected.

The travel website World Hum recently published a list of its 21 most-read features in 2009. Sitting atop the list are two of my essays: "Confessions of an Introverted Traveler" and "Six Tips for Introverted Travelers."

I've written a number of other stories for World Hum, none of which appear on that list. No, it's not my sparkling prose that elevated those two essays. It's the subject matter. Thousands of introverts sitting at their computers found the essays, related to them, and shared them.

Now is our time, and the Internet is an ideal place for us to gather.

Learning about introversion is helping me function in the world with greater ease. In the coming year, we'll deepen our understanding. I especially want to figure out what the deal with the telephone is ... why do so many of us find it so abhorrent? Does that put us at a disadvantage in our society? We'll continue discussing maintaining boundaries among a gregarious crowd. We'll talk about talking about introversion with the people from whom we most want understanding, and about negotiating togetherness vs. apartness.

And we'll talk about all the richness of the introvert's life, how deep our experiences and relationships can be, how much creativity flows in the quiet times. Introversion is not simply lack of extroversion. It is a verdant garden of a different kind and we will learn to tend it.

Happy New Year, all.


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