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Old & Happy - The Secret Formula

Can Baby Boomers Age Happily?

What do we do when the mountains to climb are inside of us?

Research seems to support that many of us acutally get happier as we age. It's not surprising, because we've had decades of perspective on life, despite all its hardships. Yes, we have aches and pains. And, yes, we've had divorces, money, family or health issues, but the way we look at life can truly be transformative. As we age, it may be time to forgive, let go and wake up to the mystery of our lives. This short piece is a meditation about Baby Boomers and confronting time.


It was a great moment in History.
For many, it was a generation that had it all.

And, many of us did well.

It’s been a heroic journey.

But, how will we handle getting older?
How will we deal with our inevitable demise?

Are the answers in children, marriage, career, money, fitness or faith?
Or, are there no good answers to the inevitable ebb of things we hold dear?

Can we grow past our narcissism and grow wise?
Or, will we be pushing for that new hurrah, that new marriage or vacation home?

We are all on that journey called life.

And, as things wind down, what have we learned?

Can these last chapters carry their own special resonance?
Or, is it just a slow and relentless concession to time?

Baby Boomers, a mind shift is required.
Now may be the time to redefine the hero’s journey.

The answers are probably right in front of you.


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