Is Blended Intelligence the Next Stage of Human Evolution?

What does it mean that we're continually being transformed by our technology?

Posted Dec 11, 2017

What is the future of intelligence? Humanity is still an extremely young species and yet our prodigious intellects have allowed us to achieve all manner of amazing accomplishments in our relatively short time on this planet, most especially during the past couple of centuries or so. Yet, it would be short-sighted of us to assume our species has reached the end of our journey, having become as intelligent as we will ever be. On the contrary, it seems far more likely that if we should survive our “infancy," there is probably much more time ahead of us than there is looking back. If that’s the case, then our descendants of only a few thousand years from now will probably be very, very different from you and I. (View to end of video to explore humanity's probable future.)

There’s no single reason for the good fortune that’s raised our cognitive profile so rapidly and allowed us to be so successful as a species. However, one factor has played a unique role in that rise and that’s our early and ongoing partnership with technology. Because of how technology has shaped us historically, it seems very likely that it will continue to be deeply entwined and enmeshed with our future. As the accompanying TED talk explores, there are some very interesting things we can anticipate about the future intelligence of humanity not to mention the rest of our environment as we journey into tomorrow’s world.