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Watching Out for the Watchers

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Posted Jul 16, 2014

I had the opportunity to work with Jeffrey Denning, founder of Warrior SOS, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness and helping families and individuals who have experienced the burdens of physical, emotional and psychological trauma associated with military, law enforcement and security operations. Their mission is to help our societies' protectors by promoting faith, emotional well-being, and tactical advising in order to survive and win lethal confrontations. Today's warriors are often without help, without rest, without security and are doing more today with less than they ever have.  

Cultural anthropologist Joseph Campbell once said that we all share the supreme ordeal, "To carry the cross of the redeemer—not in the bright moments of his tribe's greatest victories—but in the silences of his personal despair."

I was once taught that there is something remarkably healing and protective about remembering the spirtitual ambitions that led us to our vocations. For many of our nation's men and women-warriors, we need to help refill their psychological and spiritual cups with things that were once good and are good again.

In a TED Talk, journalist Sebastian Junger provides a great reflection on the irony of combat:

Why Veterans Miss War

In reaching out to our watchers, Warrior SOS and Dr. Brian Kinnaird talk about the "colorful spirit" of heroism in advancing the mission of promoting faith and emotional well-being for today's brother and sister-warriors! Have a read below and I'd like our nation's law enforcement and military veterans to sound-off in the comments section and share how you cope and feel. Is the research correct? Are your experiences spot-on here?

Warrior SOS Interview

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