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Want to Keep a New Year’s Resolution?

How to Make It Right for YOU.

Posted Jan 03, 2017

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Many people make New Year’s resolutions, and many people get frustrated and abandon their New Year’s resolutions.

A common mistake? Setting up the resolution in the wrong way. We think we “should be able to” do it first thing in the morning, or we think we should imitate a resolution that works well for someone else.

But there’s no one, correct way. It’s just whatever works for us.

I know this, because I used to try to indulge moderately in sweets — but I’m an Abstainer. And I used to try to do difficult writing in the afternoon — but I’m a Lark. And I use to hold myself back from buying too much at one time — but I’m an Under-buyer. Etc. Now that I set up resolutions to suit my nature, I succeed much more often.

As you set up your resolutions, be sure to consider these distinctions, as outlined in the “Strategy of Distinctions” in my book Better Than Before, which is all about the multiple strategies we can exploit to change our habits.

Before you decide on the resolution you’ll make, consider…

-- are you a Lark or Owl?

-- are you a Marathoner or Sprinter?

-- are you a Simplicity-lover or Abundance-lover?

-- are you a Finisher or Opener?

-- are you an Abstainer or Moderator?

-- are you an Under-buyer or Over-buyer?

As you’re thinking about these distinctions, it can be helpful to ask, “When have I succeeded with this resolution in the past?” If there was a time when you exercised regularly, cooked frequently, got enough sleep, etc., that might hold clues for how you might be able to do a better job in the present.

When we know ourselves, we can set up a resolution in the way that’s right for us. It’s not that hard to keep our resolutions, and to change our habits — when we know what to do.

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Gretchen Rubin
Source: Gretchen Rubin

If you're thinking about doing a "happiness project" for 2017, you may find it helpful to read my books The Happiness Project and Happier at Home -- all about happiness projects. To request a copy of my "resolution chart" to use as an example, as well as a blank chart to use yourself,  it's here (scroll down).

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