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Today's Smile: The Special Love of Animals

For my friends in treatment: a daily dose of love, beauty or laughter.

Posted Jan 12, 2013

Today's smile belongs to the animals. Psychologists often look to the animal world as a model for the human one. And there's a lot we can learn, not only about our baser instincts, but about our better ones, like empathy (even for animals of other species). And they're very good humored about being the butt of many jokes.

We often see the loving care with which many animals care for their young. But the scenes of their taking care of even other kinds of animals are beautiful and inspiring

Soldiers coming home from war can get an especially moving welcome.

Another problem caused by deforestation 

Gary Larson explains why the dinosaurs really became extinct.

(For a discussion of what prompted the Smile a Day column, see an earlier post)

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