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Doggerel: About a Dog

I offered to buy them a rat instead.

Posted Apr 09, 2011


This is how much I didn't want a dog 6 years ago-- 

I even offered my boys a rat instead—they're smart and cuddly,

and I wouldn't have to walk one in the rain and snow—

if they would just get off my back. 

But Max and Isaac dragged me all the way to the shelter

near the East River,

kicking and screaming,

where we fell in love

with a 5 year old westie-poodle-god-knows-what mix 

named Hudson,

the same name as the river we lived right beside.

But I liked to call him Doggerel, thinking I was so clever,

as he cuddled alongside me. 

Many freezing cold walks, and one atrial tear later, Hudson is gone. 

The biggest snowstorm came in January, and I thought, "Oh God, and now I have to drag Hudson out in this."

And then I thought, "Oh no, I don't."

And the tears wouldn't stop flowing.

Rest in peace, sweet soul. 

RIP Hudson

Part of our family June 3, 2005 - January 14, 2010

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