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Keep Daydreaming: Why Only Dreamers Create Consciously

Worry and daydreaming are different aspects of the same thing.

Worry and daydreaming are different aspects of the same thing: Your creative imagination.

  • Worrying creates blueprints of what you do not want in your future.
  • Daydreaming creates blueprints of what you do want in your future.

Worrying leaves you powerless, drained and tired because it seems to be driven by "outside" forces, and therefore gives the impression of being "out of your control." It is like having your mind hijacked by someone using your imagination to project images of worst-case scenarios and outcomes, without you being able to stop it.

Daydreaming, on the other hand, leaves you empowered, satisfied and energized because it feels as if you are the one feeding your mind with positive images of your joys, desires and wants. You seem to be in control of the outcome.

The way I see it, you are using the same source – your imagination – in both cases, but getting completely different results. The reason for this is that on a quantum level - reality acts like a ‘field’ outside of us, reflecting our deepest beliefs and thoughts about ourselves. Since this field works as a 3D mirror, it "obeys" everything you "tell" it to do. So if you focus your awareness on worry, it will give you more "images," "ideas" and "results" for worry in the form of solid reality.

You might be thinking: What kind of mechanism is this? Why would it reflect back a bad thing that I don’t want in my reality?

The answer is: because it is unconditional and neutral. It behaves like a mirror. It will not argue with you or try to change your mind – it is all accepting, and above all, it respects your free will. If you smile, the mirror smiles back. If you frown, the mirror frowns back.

You are the one choosing to smile – sending the smile and receiving it back. Everything you think comes back to you. You are the sender and the receiver. Your imagination determines your reality. Your thoughts, feelings and deepest beliefs are reflected in this field ‘outside’ of you. It creates the reality you imagine. Actually, this is the meaning behind the saying "Be careful what you wish for." The word "wish" could easily be replaced with "think about," "believe," "focus your mind on," "dwell on" or "talk about."

This is how it works:

  • Worrying is unintentional creation of your future.
  • Daydreaming is intentional creation of your future.

The choice is always yours.

To better understand the concept of unintentional creation of reality – to grasp its negative aspects and the fact that we actually do have a choice – let's explore it a little further.

Seeing how you create the positive things in your reality is probably easy for you because they are the things you deliberately wanted. They are conscious choices in the sense that you have daydreamed, desired and wished them into existence. You have focused your awareness on them, and so you have made them consciously.

But what about the negative things? I mean, if you are the one generating everything in your reality then why are you creating negative things?

The key to this question is very simple: your reality answers all your beliefs, unconditionally. Worrying is like a constant negative prayer or mantra, sending out a low frequency which generates a reality that you fear and don't want. And this is an important thing to understand – you create your reality with what you imagine and believe to be true about yourself. The "field" answers exactly and unconditionally to that specific frequency.

In a sense, daydreaming is like creating good "memories" of something yet to come. When you daydream, you deliberately tune your frequency in to your desires, by creating inner pictures of your future self. It can be likened to remembering the past. Only while daydreaming or visualizing, you are "remembering" good "memories" of the future.

As an emotionally strong memory brings the past into your present, so daydreaming draws a new future into your present by shifting your frequency in the now. And the "field" — your reality — is always responding to your frequency.

When you daydream, you visualize a perfect "movie," with all the details of your wishes, dreams and desires in your mind. Enjoying your daydream is the easiest way to change your frequency on demand because it tunes you in to joy, anticipation and hope. This, in turn, speeds up the manifestation process and allows otherwise invisible opportunities into your reality making it easier to create the future more consciously.

Use your free will to choose what you daydream into this reality. Because only dreamers create consciously.

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About the Author

Gordana Biernat, M.A., is the author of “#KnowTheTruth—Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything” and a SuperSoul Teacher on Oprah’s SuperSoul100 list of most awakened leaders and visionaries.