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The Challenge of Change for Empaths

Empaths often fear change, but the autumn season is a great teacher.

Key points

  • Empaths tend to feel safe with what’s predictable and known.
  • Being able to flow with change offers a deeper experience of one's own transformation.
  • Self-care helps one accept change and catalyzes inner growth.

Empaths are not always comfortable with change. We tend to feel safe in what’s predictable and known. A part of us resists change because we fear it. But that is not the way of nature. It doesn’t resist change. Change is a dynamic part of her dormancy and rebirth cycles.

Autumn, in particular, is a teacher of change. As the wind begins to blow and leaves drift from the trees, nature prepares for a metamorphosis. You, too, can use this time to shed what’s extraneous. Then, when spring comes, you can prepare for your own rebirth.

Fall is a time to reflect on priorities. It’s an opportunity for positive change, a chance to let go of beliefs, resentments, or relationships which don’t serve you. Ask yourself, “What are my burdens? How can I release them?” This will lighten your load and energize you. When you can flow with change, autumn offers a deeper experience of your own transformation, spirituality, and joy.

For sensitive people, it’s important to take special care to nurture yourself. Self-care helps us accept change and catalyzes our inner growth.

To help you embrace the challenges of change, here is a practice from my book:

Harvest, Change, and Letting Go

Autumn is a time to harvest the fruits of your work and your life. It’s a powerful period of transformation and letting go. On the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are of equal length, nature lets you experience harmony.

On the evening of the equinox, plan to meditate on balancing your mind, body, and soul. In quiet moments, thank each part of yourself for making you the interesting, sensitive person you are. Feel your logical and intuitive selves coming together in a balanced way. You can turn to each form of wisdom whenever you choose. The experience of equanimity is within you.

Meditating on this will center you and help you flow with the upcoming seasons of dormancy and change. Then, once you are grounded, you can ask yourself what no longer serves you and the changes you need in your life.

Set your intention. I am connected to the cycles of nature and light. I will feel the sublimely perfect alignment of my body with the universal forces.

The experience of equanimity and the ability to make changes is within you. Meditating on this will center you. It will help you surrender to the ebb and flow of life and the changes you desire.