Research on Internet Harassment

An opportunity to participate in online psychological research

Posted Jul 11, 2013

Edges come in all shapes and sizes. Some are sharper and more destructive than others. I’m posting this on behalf of my utterly internet-savvy colleague, Dr. Keely Kolmes. The important research she and her colleagues are conducting can assist all of us in becoming more safe in our evolving cyber-world.


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Are you a person, 18 years old or over, who has experienced harassment on the Internet? If so, we would appreciate your taking the time to complete a survey.

Our names are Dan Taube, Keely Kolmes and Colette Vogele, and we would like to request your participation in our research on the experience of online harassment. Being harassed online includes things like having someone intrude into your privacy online, someone using the Internet or mobile phone technology to harm your reputation, or someone stalking you online. We want to learn about the kinds of experiences people have, how they cope, and the resources they use to address the problem.

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Alliant International University.

As a participant, we will ask you a number of multiple choice questions, and some short answer questions, regarding your experiences of harassment on the Internet. Next, we will ask you to give us information about your age, sex, and similar things. It will take at most 15 minutes to finish the survey.

Your input may help in developing better services and resources for people who have experienced online harassment.

No names or personal information will be linked to the study and your participation will be completely anonymous so long as you do not put your name in your responses. If you should wish to contact the researchers directly, your participation may become confidential rather than anonymous, although your name will not be linked to any of the data you submit.

To be eligible for the study, you must be 18 or older, have had (or be currently having) an experience of online harassment, and be able to read and understand English.

If you meet these requirements and want to participate, you can find the survey at:

If you do not qualify for the study but you know others who might be interested in participating, feel free to forward this notice or URL.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Keely Kolmes, Psy.D.

Dan Taube, J.D., Ph.D.

Colette Vogele, J.D.