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Great Apps for ADHD

Six tools for ADHD right at your fingertips

Posted Apr 14, 2015

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An explosion of smart phone apps has provided some great tools for adults with ADHD! Today I’ll mention some that are particularly helpful.

Apps can help with some of the core struggles of adult ADHD, like problems with multi-tasking, sustained attention, planning, and organization. They’re no substitute for medication or therapy, and smart phones themselves can be a real “den of iniquity” when it comes to managing distractions and keeping focused, but even so, these apps deserve some attention.

Epic Win (iPhone) and Task Hammer (Android) – both of these apps use a role playing adventure game strategy to help users manage and complete tasks and to-do lists. As you complete your tasks, your character earns points and reaches higher levels.  

Remember the Milk (iPhone and Android) – this app provides grocery list organization, as well as options to add and complete other tasks and to synch with an online version.

Rescue Time (Android) – This app like the others helps you set priorities and manage your time, but it also provides you reports on how you are spending your time! The cold, hard data right there for you to see.

Nag (iPhone and Android) – The name pretty much says it all. Some reviewers call it a glorified timer, but with follow-up reminders until you finally acknowledge the reminder alarm. It is also particularly appealing because of its simplicity!

You Need A Budget (YNAB) (iPhone and Android) – This app is a little different than the others because it helps with money management and stopping impulse buys, both frequent challenges for adults with ADHD. The app provides tools to get out of debt and more effectively manage money and expenses. or Lift (iPhone and Android) – Not to be confused with Lyft. Lift changed its name to Either way, the app helps implement and track healthy personal habits, like providing resources to follow through on exercise, healthy eating, and the like. It also tracks your progress toward reaching your personal goals.   

So these are a few I know of that can help simplify adult life with ADHD.

If you have any apps you use to manage your ADHD and they work well for you, let us all know about it by sending a follow up comment to this blog!

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