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The Duality Of Exponential Innovation

In today's world, you can no longer be a passive participant.

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Today, innovation is everyone's job. Our exponential world demands it.

In today's dynamic and ever-changing world, innovation is no longer a choice, it's an imperative. And this forward-looking process has a fundamental duality that comes together to drive real and significant change. Innovation has become democratized and this newfound innovation is the domain of the "collaboratory" that lives in the kitchen, office, industry, or even in your mind. Simply put, today's exponential world expects that we become active participants in the process. From the use of our individual data (with proper approval) to the complex and multifaceted engagement of drug development, our voices are central to advancing inspired change in the market and the world.

Discover your exponential self.

It's time that we recognize that we live in world driven by technological change. Of course, these changes don't define humanity, but they do help shape the changes. Success, from the classroom to the boardroom, is a function of our ability to assimilate these changes into our lives. From IQ to EQ, to a new concept of TQ (technology quotient), our responsibility is to craft our "technologically savvy" brand that drives both inclusion and success. Change is coming fast and unlearning and relearning is fundamental to these changes.

Lead a culture of exponential innovation.

From this "empowerment of the individual" springs forth a powerful culture of innovation. It's a fundamental construct of "bottom up" transformation that is essential in today's business environment. While the vision and bravado of corporate leadership may push transformation along a successful path, it's the rank and file that implements real change. And the shape of this path—from linear to exponential—is a function of this dynamic.

The winning formula is bold thinking driven by enlightened participants.

The exponential path forward requires both vision and purpose that is manifested as a team effort. Today's corporate world is too commonly pushed forward by the abstract command of the CEO. "Innovate or die," "innovate for life," and "driven to the future," are a few of the generic slogans that are intended to ignite change in a corporate structure. Unfortunately, the match is lit, but the disruptive conflagration fails to occur. The intellectual "chain of ignition" isn't well established and this fuse of transformation fizzles.

Innovate or die? That may be true. But the power of transformation requires that you be part of the change. And this is fundamentally true and critically important. Your ability to change, evolve, unlearn, and learn anew is at the core of our changing world. And this process is not passive. It's an active change that requires your active participation.

It's simple, your and our future depend on it!

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