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Revisiting the Road Not Taken

One quick tool to help you revisit past interests.

Two roads diverged in your past because you could not travel both. Or perhaps in the future, you will find yourself forced to make a choice. Our hours are limited; we stick with full plates until we reach our limits, but from time to time a dream long-held loses its voice.

The other path may be just as fair, or far more exciting. But we make career decisions for a longer list of reasons than I could ever put in writing. Money, power, respect, or intellectual curiosity and success. Love, rebellion, etc. ... all are inviting.

Hindsight bias tricks us, convincing us we chose the less trodden path, and it made all the difference. We sometimes forget there was ever a choice to be made.

But at the point of inflection, before choosing a direction, we can prepare to bring ourselves back to that day.

Send your future self an email or set a calendar alert for a few years down the road, long after the loss has ceased to hurt. Say, “Hey, me, it’s been some time, are you still interested, do you have time?” Future you can pick up where you left off if it works.

A beloved hobby should not be lost just because your brain is on overload. A second interest might merge with a first career, creating a third that cannot now be known. There may not be time now to learn to make fresh ziti or go back to school for an extra degree, but one day you may wish to revisit that road.


with apologies to Robert Frost.

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