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Why I Feel Lucky to Be an Introvert

Our inner resources are a big asset.

Posted Oct 03, 2016

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

I’m an INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving) in the MBTIrpersonality system (and a 5-Observer with a 4-Romantic wing in the Enneagram). Here are some of the reasons I’m happy to be an introvert:

• Being curious is one of best things about being an introvert. I never run out of things to investigate or do. I’m rooted to myself and don’t need others to make me happy every minute. Both the world out there and my own inner world interest me.

• When I wrote The Happy Introvert, I chose a title that would leave no doubt in people’s minds that we introverts like being who we are. Some people may think we’re morose, too somber, or too serious, but a better way to describe us is that we’re curious. We’re internally stimulated and we’re good friends to ourselves.

• I adore privacy, quiet, time to think, sensitive and caring people, authenticity, great art and music, good movies (foreign ones usually more than American ones), and interesting books. I like documentaries and well-crafted and thoughtful dramas.

• Along with liking what’s real and what’s true, I accept new ideas more easily when I am able to experience them.

• I’m happy there’s email. Writing an email gives me plenty of time to ponder what I think, how I feel, and the best way to express myself.

• I’m a minimalist. I don’t clutter my house. I try not to repeat myself. When I write, I try to use the fewest words possible.

• I usually know what I think and how I feel. No need to get a lot of input from other people when making decisions. No desire to attend business-type meetings.

• I like to watch news and discussion program on TV but not when the host asks his guests “What’s the best ---?” There isn’t one best movie, one best actor, or one best of almost anything. Life is more complicated than that.

• I’m interested in the story behind the story, the person inside the person. I like the subtle parts of things. Besides my friends, I like C. G. Jung, Beethoven, and William Faulkner.

Extraverts tend to notice other extraverts more, people whom they see immediately as entertaining or active. Sometimes extraverts ignore us introverts because they’re looking for a certain kind of stimulation. They may not want to take the time necessary to get to know us.

• I feel fortunate that when I get old and can’t move around as well, as long as my mind is intact I will still be curious. I will still like to read and learn. I will still be interested in people and what’s going on around me.

•• If you want to feel understood as an introvert or if you want to understand the introverts in your life, read The Happy Introvert—a wild and crazy guide for celebrating your true self.

•• My book, The Enneagram of Death, is now an eBook as well as a paperback.