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The Career Within You

The Career Within You

How to find the perfect job for your personality.

Posted Aug 02, 2016

E. Wagele from The Career Within You
Source: E. Wagele from The Career Within You

In our book, The Career Within You; How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality, Ingrid Stabb and I explain every career type and the type of desk it might use. 

Imagine your own ideal desk. You’ll find something close to it in one of our 9 career-type chapters. The way you'll know your career type is through quizzes and the descriptions of people who've held careers talking about their own experiences. My many cartoons also help.

After reading all 9 type-chapters, you'll go back and take the Wagele-Stabb Career Finder at the end of the chapter you most identify with. (This is personal. We've found a way to base the outcome on your own strengths within your type.) Then you'll match your own preferences for careers with careers people of your type have shown they were best suited for. We are proud of this test we devised.

If you're looking for a job or need to manage the job you already have, get to know yourself as well as you can and learn what you can do to achieve practical results. Our book also has two chapters to guide you through the job-finding process with expertise. I'm not boasting. This is mostly Ingrid's forte, having been counseling people in careers for a long time. She is an expert of resume writing, networking, and all the ways to negotiate for a job.

From the Introduction:

Growing up, Cherie received praise for her intellect. When she graduated from college with a BS in computer science, she was recruited into a rotational program in a reputable software company with a good paycheck. After working there six months, she attended a workshop about the nine Enneagram career types and determined that hers was the Romantic, the person who loves authenticity and self-expression.

Over the next few days she had trouble concentrating at work. She thought about the part of herself that was artistically creative and she longed for a way to express herself in her work. Soon she was starting to feel depressed. Her role within information technology lacked meaning. One day she couldn’t make herself go to work. Instead she made the chocolates that had become her passion and that she loved to give to everyone on birthdays and holidays. This cheered her up and brought back a sense of feeling alive.

In the career workshop she had learned that Romantics can be fearless in pursuing their hearts’ desires. Among their greatest strengths are their aesthetic sense and their imagination. Cherie wasn’t expressing herself sufficiently. While she did use creativity as a software developer, she couldn’t make use of her aesthetic sense in the way she wanted, creating new chocolates. On weekends she invented imaginative candies and new recipes, tried them out on friends, and researched starting a small business.

Cherie started selling her chocolates at the local farmers market on weekends. Business boomed from there to specialty grocers. Then she sold her confections online, using her Web development abilities for marketing. Since then Cherie has quit her job. Now she makes more money from her chocolates.

Sound career advice for Cherie might be completely different from appropriate advice for you. Cherie is a Romantic, but what are some other choices? What career type are you?

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