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Does Your Child Have a “Peace Seeker” Personality?

In the Enneagram system, type 9’s are usually easy-going.

Posted Aug 16, 2016

E. Wagele from The Enneagram of Parenting
Source: E. Wagele from The Enneagram of Parenting

Why was there never a holiday where peace is celebrated all through the world? –Stevie Wonder

You might have a 9 child if you answer YES to most of these questions:

Does your child:

Inspire people to call him or her sweet or accepting?

Tell the family therapist things are swell even when they aren’t?

Have a generally rosy outlook on life but also a stubborn streak?  (3 out of 8 questions from The Enneagram of Parenting)                                                              
Try to blend in and not rock the boat?

Avoid conflicts and try to settle them when between others? See things from others’ perspectives? (3 out of 12 questions from Finding the Birthday Cake)

Feel very uncomfortable when around people who are fighting.

Have trouble making up his or her mind about what he or she wants (for example, which flavor of ice cream or what to order for dinner)?

Find it easier to help other people stand up for their rights or desires than to help themselves? (3 of 10 questions from The Enneagram for Teens)

Peace Seeker children want life to be pleasant and free of strife. They sometimes merge with others or take on the flavor of the other eight Enneagram types. While they’re usually mellow, sometimes you can detect some anger in their voice or expression. They often make goodhearted and understanding friends. And some are especially connected to nature.

E. Wagele from Finding the Birthday Cake
Source: E. Wagele from Finding the Birthday Cake

In Finding the Birthday Cake, when we first meet the Ninosaur, he says, “Do you mind if I stay a bit? I won’t be any trouble.” Later he says, “I want us all to understand each other and I want the Earth to be a peaceful place. I’d like to help us get along and be happy.”

In The Enneagram for Teens, teenager Rosita says, “I guess I’m a 9 although I have many traits from other numbers. I go with the flow and am laid back and I try to avoid or prevent conflicts and confrontations. I love to listen and help others with problems. I’m also considerate of others but can be pretty stubborn.

Decision-making is a big problem for me because I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong one and cause problems. I can never make a decision unless I take forever and even then I’m still afraid I’m wrong. When I was younger I hated it when my parents would fight. I think that’s why I hate fighting so much today. It’s important to accept other people.”

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