Elizabeth Wagele

The Career Within You

In the Workplace, Who Most Expresses Style and Beauty?

This Enneagram type (4-Romantic) values creativity and authenticity.

Posted Feb 16, 2016

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

If you are a 4-Romantic, you like to engage in meaningful enterprises, and you find fresh ways of expressing them. Having you on the staff or in a social gathering adds a welcome sense of gravitas. The authenticity, creativity, and emotional depth you bring to your work show as your inability to accept a cheap substitute. Your insightful comments show you have thought profoundly about your work.

This blog is based on part of Chapter 4 from The Career Within You by Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb, published by Harper Collins.

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Whether your job description calls for it or not, co-workers value you for conveying compassion when a caring tone is needed. Since you are the person many want to go to for understanding or for dealing with a difficult situation, management would do well to appoint you to bring co-workers the news about layoffs or other hardships.

You maintain a strong heart connection. Your rich internal life helps you share others’ emotional experiences. Medical professional Isabel felt such compassion and suffering for her patients, she had difficulty holding back her tears. When her friend faced death from AIDS, Betty shared in his aesthetic experiences and intuited his feelings. He wanted to be as alive as possible as he was dying, and appreciated her meeting him on an emotional level. She could talk about death, which most of his other friends were unable to do.

If you are a Romantic, you are probably inventive in both practical and imaginative assignments. Matthew is creative in a down-to-earth way. One morning he woke up full of enthusiasm for remodeling his bathroom. He’d make it the most beautiful and functional room in his house. Overtaken by this flash of inspiration, he finished in almost no time at all. Jesse, also a Romantic, uses the combined imagination of her whole team for her best creative work in product development; which includes starting off meetings with a blank piece of paper and writing down her team’s ideas.  

Romantics who are especially gifted at interpreting meaning include orchestra conductors, mediators, and critics. In business, they can take a complex technical system and translate it for the sales force to understand by adding attractive visuals and putting the subject on an accessible level.

Catherine was good at writing handbooks because of her ability to empathize with readers and make her writing understood.

Some 4-Romantics are dauntless or risk-taking. They’ll quit their job if it doesn’t fit their values. They’ll speak up if the subject means enough to them. They’ll make a bold move in order to claim their identity, express the truth, or facilitate a compassionate act. Since Tiffany is drawn to drama, life and death, joy and grief, and to the macabre, unusual, and offbeat, she has no problem working in crime-scene cleanup or in a mortuary. She doesn’t want to keep the realities of life hidden.

Romantics never plod through life or shy away from intensity. Some, including Allan, have faced danger and even death working in a country undergoing a revolution. Allan performed acts of compassion “working in countries where people were being killed and I had to think fast or I might be killed myself. I have also worked with tribal people who had AIDS and ebola.”

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