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Are You an Enneagram Type 3-Achiever?

"Work is more fun than fun." – Noel Coward

Posted Feb 02, 2016

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Enneagram teachers all over the world use The Enneagram Made Easy for their beginning students and longtime students alike. This post includes parts of the chapter on 3-Achievers from The Enneagram Made Easy.

3-Achievers are motivated by the need to be productive, achieve success, and avoid failure.

3-Achievers at their best are optimistic, confident, industrious, efficient, self-propelled, energetic, and practical. 3-Achievers at their worst are deceptive, narcissistic, pretentious, vain, superficial, vindictive, and overly competitive.

How to get along with 3s:

  • Leave them alone when they are doing their work.
  • Give them honest, but not unduly critical or judgmental, feedback.
  • Help them keep their environment harmonious and peaceful.
  • Don’t burden them with negative emotions.
  • Tell them you like being around them.
  • Tell them when you’re proud of them and their accomplishments.

Things 3s would never dream of doing:

  • Not making a list of goals for an entire week.
  • Saying nothing about their accomplishments at their high school reunion.
  • Refraining from using the “seductive-eye technique” on the person they are interested in.
  • Not taking over the meeting when it is being run inefficiently or ineffectively.
  • Seeing a job that needs doing and not taking note of it.
  • Spending one week just sitting at a silent meditation retreat.

What 3s like about being a 3:

  • Being friendly, optimistic, and upbeat.
  • Providing well for their family.
  • Being able to recover quickly from setbacks and to charge ahead to the next challenge.
  • Staying informed; knowing what’s going on.
  • Being able to motivate people.

What’s hard about being a 3:

  • Having to put up with inefficiency and incompetence from others.
  • The fear of not being — or not being seen as — successful.
  • Comparing myself to people who do things better than I do.
  • Struggling to hang on to my success.
  • Always being “on” is exhausting.

These are the nine Enneagram types and the Enneagram symbol:

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

Comments about 3s:

  • “She writes the clearest and most concise reports in my company and inspires us with her work habits, enthusiasm, and sunny disposition.”
  • “He is charming and has a way of making everyone feel special and important.”
  • “My friend is self-assured and confident, has a lot of drive, and does more in a day than most people do in a week.”
  • “She is the most purposeful person I know. She has made such great improvements in our community. She should run for president.”

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