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How adults and children express Enneagram type 2

Posted Jan 05, 2016

Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele
Source: Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele

As Adults

See if you identify with these statements from The Enneagram Made Easy (by Elizabeth Wagele) that 2-Helpers have made:

• I’m more comfortable giving than receiving.

• Sometimes I become physically ill and emotionally drained from taking care of everybody else.

• People have said I’m overly emotional.

• Watching violence on television and seeing people suffer is unbearable.

• I try to be as sensitive and tactful as possible.

• I’m attracted to being with important or powerful people.

• Tell me you appreciate me. Be specific.

• Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours.

• Let me know I’m important, interesting, and special to you.

• Be gentle if you decide to criticize me.

• Tell me I’m attractive and you enjoy being seen with me.

And here are some comments people have made about 2’s:

• “She is loved by many because she gives so generously of herself. When a friend had cancer, she was the main support system for the family while still managing to put energy into her career.”

• “My 2-Helper friends are easy for me to be around. They are lighthearted and playful as well as having tremendous depth and wisdom. I wish I could articulate my feelings as well as they can.”

• “He is a wonderful father. He showers his children with attention, generosity, and love.”

• “When I have a problem, I call my Two friend. She’s always perceptive, sympathetic, and nonjudgmental.”

As Children

Here are some ways of identifying 2-Helpers as children from The Enneagram of Parenting. See if they describe you as a child or a child you know:

• They may get their feelings hurt easily.

• They try to be good at school, perhaps by helping the teacher.

• They often try to get attention by pleasing or by showing off.

• They may be attracted to other children or animals with problems.

• 2’s are people people. They think about others a lot and want to be popular.

• They are sensitive to disapproval and criticism.

Here’s a drawing from The Enneagram of Parenting (by Elizabeth Wagele):

Drawing from "The Enneagram of Parenting"
Source: Drawing from "The Enneagram of Parenting"

2’s tend to zero in on one person at a time. They can adapter their own personality to fit the person they are with. Trying to relate to several people at a time is sometimes stressful for them.

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