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The Career Within You

The Enneagram is Becoming Popular!

The “Nine Personality Types” are Increasingly Taught in Universities

Posted Oct 05, 2010

Enneagram Universitiy

The University of Enneagram

In March 2011 Wally Olson will teach a class called "The Career Within You" at Frederick Community College, Maryland, in the Washington D.C. area. Olson works in the field of business doing team training, executive coaching, and helping people communicate and avoid conflict. He had been applying to teach the Enneagram at FCC for years, but they would tell him, "No, people aren't signing up for self development." When "The Career Within You" came out, he said, "Here's a way I can do it using this book as my text!" It helped that our book doesn't have the word "Enneagram" in it, a word that can scare off people who aren't familiar with it.

Wally uses this personality system in his business and private life. He says he might not have gone through two divorces if he had known about it earlier. His behavior had gotten him into trouble because he was shut down, wasn't aware enough of others' feelings, and pushed his loved ones away. As an Adventurer, a "head" type, he learned from Helpers and Romantics, "heart" types, how to get in tune with his feelings. "Most Adventurers postpone their grief and anger," he said. Now he's married to a Perfectionist and it's working well. They've learned from the Enneagram how they trigger each other.

The International Enneagram Association lists the following colleges and universities that use the Enneagram in their coursework. Since they change their curriculum, please contact them directly to confirm their availability.

Adams State College, Alamosa, CO: "Kids and the Enneagram in the Classroom." Helps educators understand the personalities of children.

Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA: Enneagram courses in the M.A. Clinical Psychology program.

Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, CA: Institute for Continuing Ministry Studies. "THE ESSENTIAL ENNEAGRAM: Basics and Beyond." Introduces church leaders to ways the Enneagram is compatible with Christian spirituality.

Georgetown University, Washington, DC: School of Medicine: general introduction to the Enneagram elements oriented to personal and professional use.

John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA: Transpersonal Psychology: Sharon Berbower teaches a graduate course in the Enneagram.

Loyola University, Chicago, IL: Institute of Pastoral Studies: Graduate level course on the Enneagram taught by Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. He also offers an Enneagram Certification Program.

Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL: "INTERACT: Psychology of Personal Growth & Fundamentals of Acting," a tandem course integrating the fundamental skills of acting with the basic tenets of psychology of personal growth. By synthesizing the nine Enneagram personality types with Benedetti's approach to the art of acting students learn the critical elements of self-awareness, emotional expression and character development: the light and dark sides of the self...

Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto, ON, Canada: "Leadership Styles: Understanding Personality for Effective Learning Environments."

Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC: Enneagram undergraduate classes are included in an "Interpersonal Communications" course.

St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY: Graduate School of Management (MBA Program): "The Enneagram of Leadership" - a model for leadership development.

St. Mary's College of California, Oakland, CA: Adult and Graduate Academic Program, School of Education: "The Enneagram Intelligences: A Lens for the 21st Century: Understanding for Effective Teaching and Learning."

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA: School of Business: "Personality, Self-awareness and Leadership."
UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA: "The Enneagram System at Work: Improving Communication and Leadership."

Unity School of Religious Studies (USRS), Launceston, Tasmania: "Enneagram Course."
Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI: "The Enneagram: Nine Points of View."

Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio: "Enneagram Dark Nights."

Other University undergraduate and graduate level courses can be found on the Internet.